localization service

what is localization service ?

Localization can be defined as the linguistic adaptation of content for the target region, its languages and cultural particularities in order to make it appropriate, easily understandable and comfortable to use for local native language speakers.

Localization is basically the adaptation of your product or service to account for the differences of a particular market, including technical modifications, translations, regulatory modifications etc. We have expertise in 120+ languages and thousands of localization projects for our well-renowned clients all over the world.

Localization services use natives of the target country to provide insights into the target language and how it is used. It’s a valuable process for companies looking to produce high quality materials that are suitable for local audiences. 

The skill to localization lies in translating and localizing a document without changing its meaning. It’s a skill that develops over time, which is why at NPT we always use experienced individuals who understand the requirements and boundaries of professional localization services. 

Some of the most commonly required localization services these days are the translation and localization of software, video games , website and apps.

If you’re taking the time to translate your website into another language, then we can handle your CEO  for yout website But literal conversion of the text from one language to another can sometimes lead to embarrassing translation mistakes. That’s where localization comes in.

Other document translations that often require localization services include:

  • Marketing localization

  • Software localization

  • Website localization

  • Educational translation and localization
  • Multimedia localization

  • E-commerce localization
  • Mobile localization

  • E-learning documentation translation and localization

Localization on the other hand focuses on adapting and changing your source content into the target language, in order to deliver your message with maximum impact on the target audience. It is ideally applied to content on your websites, marketing data, games, books and articles.

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