Why you choose NPT ?

 We know that you prefer to provide translation services in a marketplace that lets you select your projects and your rates. We also know that you don't like to deal with many clients.  We will provide you with a distinctive marketplace and one secure source for payment

When you register with NPT ,you will find every will find money, jobs, time and privacy.

 Just register with NPT  for free and we'll send you an email when we have a job waiting for you.


    How dose it work? 

               Just few steps, it's very easy:

  1.  First, you must register with NPT - It's free.
  2.  We'll send you an email when we have a job waiting for you.
  3.  Log in to the site and view the job's details. Place a bid only if you can start working immediately on that project. You will be able to see how your bid compares to other providers who bid for the same job and change your bid accordingly.
  4.  Download the document and start translating it once you get an email announcing you won the bid.
  5.  Upload the finished project.
  6.  Get payment for the project at the end of the next month.



    How is the winning translator selected?

The winning provider is chosen based on several criteria, including the price of his bid and his quality score (determined by the quality of completed projects).

During the bidding process, you will be able to see your rank compared to the rank of other providers who are bidding on the same project.



    when and how i will get paid? 

NPT pays our translation providers at the end of every month for translation work done during the previous month. For example, if you complete four projects and your buyers approve of the work during the month of may, we will send you payment through at the end of June.

We currently send out payments via PayPal and payoneer. We plan to offer more options in the future.


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