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NPT provides a range of translation services for business customers and individual clients. We believe that every translation job is unique. The subject, length, and sensitivity of the text, combination of languages,we care about deadlines . This is why we give a customized quote to you for your project. We guarantee the best possible price. 

Transcription , interpreting and subtitling files in any type of formats is something we are getting asked to frequently. This can include recorded interviews for investigation or legal proceedings.

It appears that the most common type of transcription and translation we come across is for legal proceedings in case someone is interviewed in his native language. However the court will require this to be translated into their target language.


Get the Best translation from Our Professional Translators

our translators are  professional native translators and have valuable experience in implementing large-scale multilingual translation projects – so don’t worry about the volume or scalability. With our translation services, you will get translation that is linguistically, functionally and culturally flawless.

We have expert translators of all fields: from automotive, IT, consumer/retail, financial, medical to life sciences. So if you require translation for a medical text, we will only use translators who have experience working in the medical field because we understand the importance and sensitivity of the subject.
You can get localized translations for legal, technical and commercial documents too – all of which can be customized for: web, mobile, software, marketing materials etc .


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