Legal Translation

Early in NPT’s history, it became clear that the legal industry had significant and specialized translation needs. As NPT grew, many top law firms and corporations began to inquire about other legal support offerings beyond translation and interpretation. 




Legal translation is the translation of legal documents, terminology and concepts related to the field of law. It is a highly skilled field of translation that requires specialist translators. Legal translators must have knowledge of legal terms in two languages and understand their meaning sufficiently to ensure that the legal translations they undertake are 100% accurate.

Legal translators must precisely convey the information present in the source document, leaving no space for ambiguity. This requires professional translation providers who are specialized and experienced in the field of legal translation. 

NPT provides legal translation using highly qualified and experienced professional translators covering a wide range of language pairs. Our large team of legal translators allows us to provide document translation services between almost any language pair and to clients anywhere in the world. 

We offer a variety of legal translation fields including:

  • translation of wills
  • witness statement translation
  • translation of real estate documents.
  • Insurance document translation
  • Legal certification translation
  • Contract translation
  • Deeds translation
  • Legal marketing translation
  •  Confidentiality agreement translation
  • Immigration document translation
  • Foreign legal text translation
  • License translation
  • Government and legal ruling reports translation
  • Articles of incorporation translation
  • Letters of credit translation
  • Legal disclaimers translation

We understand that a professional legal document translation can play a vital role in preventing future legal contingencies. Our linguists translate the correct legal meaning as interpreted by the judicial system and convey it in the language of your choice.
Let us introduce you to our timely, high quality legal translation solutions for your legal content.

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